Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Research on a leader (Joshua Tan Teik Ann)

A good leader should be Commendable and Exemplary.  A good leader should always be enthusiastic about the cause of the people. He/she must have the capability to see what is good or bad for the people in the long run. He/she approaches a problem in a holistic manner and never believes himself/herself different from his people and subject. Usually a leader believes in discipline. He/she follows an orderly manner and routine but still he/she is tolerant. He/she takes decision keeping emotions and personal matters aside.A leader has excellent logical and analytical skills. A leader must act as a role model to his/her followers. If he cannot show any good qualities, he has no right to be the leader He/she looks each and every aspects of the situation before arriving to any decision and never loses his/her temper in difficult situations. He/she should think positively in each and every situation.


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